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High School students:

There are more 200 positions available to make Op Camp (June 27-July 2) & Fun Academy (June 7--July 22)  amazing! Join us as we mentor kids through Christian camps this summer! 

Op Camp Counselor requirements:

1) Love Jesus. 2) Attend a local church. 3) Be in 9th grade or older and apply to serve as a camp counselor! 

Applications must be completed by April 1, 2021!  

All new applicants must INTERVIEW by April 16, in order to attend the Staff Training Retreat April 30--May 2, 2021. 


 Fun Academy 

Fun Academy is a fun in-town day camp that runs for 6 weeks each summer. Fun Academy combines hands-on-learning with reading and faith. If you have 30-45 minutes over a few days and love reading, teaching, building, baking, crafts, art, music, dance, medicine, sports, eating, cooking, serving, driving, cleaning up, organizing or singing--we have a way for you to serve!  Email Trisha to learn how you can get involved! 

Do you prefer to talk to a person? 

Call us at (432) 262-1817


Op Champs is now: Opportunity Groups

Opportunity Groups meet on  Tuesday nights from 6:15-8:00pm for worship, dinner and small groups.  Training is in September and January each year. Less than two hours every Tuesday night can be the highlight in your week!! 10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring, Op Groups connects kids to Jesus!

Sign-up Here to be an Opportunity Group Mentor!!! 

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Getting involved is a click away!

You don't just want to make a difference, you want to build relationships and add value to a kids life! If that sounds like YOU, we want you to be a mentor at Fun Clubs & Opportunity Groups!   

Fun Clubs 

400 students were being mentored by 90 adults before covid crashed our world. But we are going back soon! 

See our Fun Clubs in action here!

Don't miss out on how 30 minutes a week can literally change the life of a child struggling to learn how to read in schools that need more support. Email Jennifer to learn how you can get involved! 

Sign-up Now to be a Fun Club Mentor! Link coming soon!

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Adults Rock too!  

Be a Mentor at Op Camp! It will be a week you never forget!   


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