At Fun Academy, going to Bahama Bucks means learning about business & enjoying a summer treat!

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Have you ever had so much fun that time just flew by you? That's what Fun Academy is like. Have you ever made a blanket? Do you know how to make a chocolate chip cookie? Have you ever designed, painted and built your own custom skateboard? Have you ever chopped up a pig in a science experiment? Do you swim every week? These are just a few of the things that we do at Fun Academy.

But Fun Academy is more than just doing amazingly cool things, it's who you're with that matters! You'll soon figure out that the friends you make at Op Camp want to do great things with their lives. We guarantee that you'll be a better reader and student after a summer at Fun Academy. And the summer that used to be boring, slow and hot now becomes fast, fun and a blast!

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Don't take our word for it, see how  the students themselves have grown as leaders!

End of Summer report

Our friends at the "Old Miners Maze" gave us a sneak peak experience and it was awesome!


We know you want what's best for your kids. And if you are like many other families we serve in Midland, school can be a place of frustration for your child. In 2015, our students raised their reading level by half a year during Fun Academy. Not every child will have the same results, but we can help your child discover the joy of learning. Through incentive reading programs and lots of active learning, they forget that they are in a "learning environment" and get caught up in the fun.

Because of our partnership with local foundations like the United Way and many others, Fun Academy is becoming THE PLACE for families who value education, hard work and character. If your child won't put in the effort or you don't believe education is important, then this is not for you. But if you want your child to get on the fast track to success, then sign up today!



Every student that comes to Opportunity Camp and Fun Academy is recommended by their teacher or school Counselor. Students in the 3th grade may apply with approval from their school counselor. If a parent finds our website and signs up without approval, they may be removed or moved down to the bottom of the waiting list. Please talk to your school counselor about applying in February.


There is nothing perfect or magical about any of our programs or our people. We are normal folks, like you, who care deeply about kids and believe that there are A LOT of amazing kids getting left behind because of broken systems. We are passionate about loving kids and doing all we can to help them succeed because that's what God is doing for us.

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Our summer programs are going to be different this summer. It's going to be great, but different! Stay tuned for updates here!